10 Sure Shot Ways to Impress Your Man

You know your partner’s taste quite well but it’s not always that easy to make your partner happy. Men simply love it when women do little things to impress them. You need to be in tune with what your guy likes and try to do things that interest him. Here are 10 ways to impress your man… Guys love women who’re physically and psychologically healthy. Avoid emotionally blackmailing your partner and do not constantly doubt him or act over-possessive. They just hate it! Men like women who value money. Avoid spending too much, especially when you’re out with him. Do not look for all the expensive items on the menu just because you know you do not have to pay. Also, make sure you order the right amount of food. This means you respect his money and food. Try to maintain your weight, complexion, hair and nails. Be well-dressed all the time, men really like it. Contrary to popular belief, men do not like very skinny women. It’s good to be fit, not skinny. Every man wants his partner to look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you show too much skin when his family or friends are around. You should know how to dress for what occasion. Avoid revealing dresses if he doesn’t like it. Honesty and loyalty are very important qualities to most men. They want to be sure that their life partner won’t cheat on them. Men like women they can hang out with. Some similar interests and a decent sense of humour would be good. Spend time with your man as much as possible. A man feels extremely special when his woman makes an effort to please him. Appreciate him if you think he’s done something good. This will make him feel happy and respected. Remember, most men want to be looked after, but at the same time they also expect you to look after their family after marriage. So, give his family equal amount of respect and keep them happy. Men love women who’re more relaxed, calm, soft-spoken and confident. So, try and change yourself to bring a smile on your partner’s face.