15 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind On Your Best Friend's Wedding

So your best friend has finally found her ‘Special Someone’ and is all set to tie the knot before you. You weren’t at all expecting this to happen but it is happening and now you’ve got all sorts of thoughts crossing your mind. Of course, you’re happy for her but you’re also sad about the fact that she won’t always be available for you anymore. Well, that’s not it! You’re now also worried that your family might constantly discuss your marriage since your best friend is getting hitched. The D-day is fianlly here and here’s a list of thoughts that cross your mind…
1. I still can’t believe she’s getting married! Why Why???
2. I’m going to miss you soo much. You were my only partner in crime!
3. I hope her husband doesn’t turn out to be one of those typical husbands
4. I thought her kind of guy was very different. How did she like HIM?
5. What if this guy has another girlfriend somewhere, like they show in sitcoms?
6. May be, this wasn’t her decision and her family forced her to get married. May be?
7. I don’t like this guy. He’s suddenly going to become the most important person in her life
8. This also means she’s going to have her partner around when I want to meet her. Oh God!
9. I hope she doesn’t change after marriage and continues to give me the same importance.
10. Who would she choose if she had to choose between us?
11. Wow! I can’t believe she’s getting married before me
12. Is she going to fast or am I going too slow?
13. By the time I find a guy, she’ll already be a mommy?? Oh damn!
14. I hope her kid looks more like her and not like that monkey
15. What crap! I’ll have to keep liking all her Facebook updates and her selfies with her husband now