3 Things To do on Facebook if You're in Love

If you’re madly in love and are serious about your relationship, here are some Facebook rules for you to follow for a healthy relationship… 1. Unfriend your Ex If your partner knows about your ex, we don’t think s/he would be comfortable with you chatting or liking your ex’s updates on Facebook. It will only annoy your partner and create misunderstandings between the two of you. 2. Change Your Relationship Status If you’re in love with someone, there’s nothing to hide in it. We’re not saying tell the world who the person is but no harm in changing your status to ‘In a Relationship’. 3. Avoid Lovey-Dovey Status Updates It’s okay to be truly madly deeply in love and to be crazy together but putting up lovey-dovey status updates tagging your partner is a bad idea. It’s not just behaving immature but its also a little annoying for your Facebook friends. If you want to express love, express it when your partner is around. Why do it on Facebook? Unless you want your friends to unfollow or unfriend you.