5 Reasons Why Men Are Commitment Phobic

Men love their freedom and the bachelor’s life. For most guys, the very thought of staying committed to one woman all their life just seems impossible. Ever wondered why? Here are five reasons why men suffer from commitment phobia… 5. Loss of Freedom Most men like to be independent and take their own decisions. Suddenly when a woman enters the picture, things really change. Their lifestyle, choices, decisions, etc go for a toss. Men feel women need an explanation for everything, so sharing every little thing with her is a nightmare for them. 4. More Variety When a man commits to a woman, it is assumed that marriage is the ultimate destination and that he should be loyal to his partner all his life. They fear a sense of sexual boredom. 3. Avoid Divorce and it’s Financial Risk Some men have had a bad experience in the past or have seen a friend going through it and so they’re sceptical about being committed. It must have been a divorce that made them run a marathon to the court. To avoid such trouble, men run away from getting into a serious relationship. 2. The Emotional Baggage For most women, marriage is like a fairy tale, where the guy is the prince charming who will sweep them off their feet and solve all their problems magically. Some women are quite quick when it comes to choosing their life partner, but that’s not how it is with men. Men are rational and take time to figure out the right partner for them. They are always afraid and insecure about getting into a new relationship. 1. Not Yet Ready Committing to a woman is serious business and every man is aware of that. But at times, men aren’t willing to get married because they feel they aren’t financially and emotionally ready to take on more responsibilities. Men want to live life to the fullest and let go of their commitment phobia only when they think they are ready for marriage.