Eleven sign your mum is truely your friend (photo)

woman-phonecall-696x461 Image: Huffington Post Very few people name their mothers as their best friend when asked. Some people, however, are closer to their mums than anyone else. They confide in them and relate freely. Here are some of the indicators that your mum is the best friend you have on earth: 1. She will always call to check in on you if you are having a bad time. woman-phonecall-696x461 2. You always create time to be with her You often go out to chill with her. mzvee-mum-3-1 3. You share issues stressing you with her You believe she is the only one who can help you overcome the challenges. yvonne-nelson-mum-4-1024x890 YvonneNelsonGh/Instagram 4. She is your number one fan, in whatever you do. giphy2 Image: giphy.com 5. You always seek her opinion before making important decisions You also take her advice seriously. mother-and-teen-son-talking-in-kitchen Image: christianitymalaysia.com 6. She surprises you with your favorite meal, and always prepares what you want to eat on your birthday. article-2691987-1fa3327c00000578-190_634x427 Image: dailymail.co.uk 7. You always B.rag about having the best mum in the world. sarkodie-s-mum 8. She tells her friends good things about you, and is also not afraid to B.rag. 635850614449854089586826139_proud-mama Image: theodysseyonline.com 9. You know what she’s thinking when she gives you this look… you-know-exactly-what-she-thinking-when-she-gives-you-look Image: popsugar.com 10. She knows how to make you happy when you’re down. mother-daughter-56-1024x662 Image: 614columbus.com 11. You always look up to her. you-look-up-your-mom-because-youre-pretty-sure-she-all-knowing Image: popsugar.com