How to make conversation with someone you like
You like them, and you want to talk to them. But every time you try, something holds you back. You are stuck with thoughts like “What will he/she think about me?”, “What should I ask?” or “Will they enjoy talking to me?” The thoughts are endless. But, here we have some cool tips that’ll help you throw away all your fears and pick up some courage to start a conversation with the person you like!
Be yourself.
The perception you have of the person you like may obstruct you from being your true self. You want to sound appealing to the other person. However, it’s your self-confidence that will help you build rapport with someone.
Don’t wait for people to question you and show that they are interested in you! Asking and answering work both ways. Asking questions to begin conversations will help people to understand you and you to understand them. Questioning also helps when it comes to cutting down awkwardness.
  1. Hobbies and Popular Culture.
    In a world full of technology and art, it’s quite likely that there are things that both of you enjoy. Hobbies and popular culture is a fun and enthusiastic way to give life to your conversation.
Talking about work and career may not be as dull as you think it is. It often acts as a good conversation-starter. It helps look deeper into each others’ lives And way of living
If you are in a cafe together, talk about how you know about the cafe and why you chose it. Surroundings could mean the city, travel and everything that you thought about while you look around.