How to plan your first date

The online matrimonial concept has become quite popular these days, with more and more people registering on matrimony sites to find their right match. But, once you come across someone good and want to take things ahead, you’ll obviously have to meet him/her in person. But the big question is – Is it the right time? We help you decide when is the right time to plan your first date…
1. Go Through The Profile
The person’s profile will give you some basic information about his/her nature, likes, hobbies, work life, family background and what kind of partner the person is looking for. If you think his/her profile suits yours, go ahead but don’t be too fast. Take time to find out all about the person and his/her family members.
2. Talk To Your Partner
The person you plan to meet up with is a total stranger for you, so be frank and tell him/her that you would first want to know him/her better and then plan to meet. Even if it takes months, doesn’t matter. You can chat or continue talking over the phone and get to know his/her nature and behaviour. Only once you’re friendly with the person and think you can trust him/her, go ahead for the meet.
3. Choose The Right Location
On the internet, you can choose to chat with somebody from another city or even another country but when you plan your first date, go easy. Think of a location that is convenient for both of you to meet up at. If you two are really into each other and belong to different states or countries, have patience. Stay connected through phone calls and plan your date well in advance, so that you can get spare time to meet or get leave approved in advance if you are working.
4. Involve Your Families
Mostly, in arranged marriages the families first get involved after a thorough background check and then fix up a meeting for the guy and the girl. Similarly, you can ask your parents to find out all about the guy/girl’s family and then if you’re comfortable going ahead, you can plan to meet the him/her.
5. Be Sure First
Unless, you’re able to find out all about the guy/girl and the family members and till the time you’re not 100 per cent sure, don’t haste. Take your own time in deciding whether or not it’s the right time to meet. There’s no hurry. If the person likes you, s/he will definitely wait for you, even if you take months to decide.