Make Your First Date A Success

Are you planning to meet your prospective partner sometime soon? Here’s how you can make it a success. Check out the must dos and don’ts for meeting a prospective partner.

1. Meet at a Public Place 
Always decide to meet at a public place. It could be a coffee shop or a restaurant. This will make him/her feel comfortable and will portray a good picture of you.
2. Keep Yourself Free From Other Commitments 
When you meet your prospective life-partner, give your time and attention completely to your partner. Nobody would like the attention turning to something else. It will really make him/her wonder whether or not s/he is important for you.
3. Don’t be Glued to Your Cellphone 
Mobile phone is the biggest communication barrier. If it buzzes, slowly check if the call really needs to be attended. If not, ignore it. You can call back later.
4. Set Right Expectations 
Be realistic. When you talk, make sure your partner understands your expectations. Also,  be clear and ask him/her about his/her expectatioearly.o. It’s better to under-commit and over-perform.
5. Listen and Allow Your Partner to Speak 
Let your partner speak as much as possible. This will help you understand her/him better. Also, it will create an impact that you are a good listener and have a lot of patience. Regular interruption will create a negative perception about you. So, let your partner finish first.
6. Be Honest and Confident 
Speak the truth and avoid bluffing. Be confident when you speak and maintain an eye contact. Don’t make your partner suspect that you are fooling around.
7. Use your Sense of Humor
This is the best way to make your partner feel comfortable. So, let the conversation be fun. This will open up the gate for further discussion. It will also help your partner feel easy and more comfortable with you.
8. Understand Your Partner 
Try to understand your partner in every aspect, as it will help you in the long run. For instance, his/her likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite film or cuisine, achievements, best and worst moments, etc.
9. Be Well Dressed 
Ensure that you are fresh and properly dressed for the meeting in all aspect. Use a perfume/deodorant before the meeting to smell good. Don’t forget, first impression is the last impression.
1. Do Not Lay Guidelines For Post Marriage 
While it is better that you set the right expectation with your partner, however, you should not sound too demanding and aggressive while sharing your expectations. It can make your partner think otherwise.
2. Do Not Share Your Personal Problems 
Avoid sharing your personal problems in your initial meetings. It may project that your life is full of problems. Talk about the positive incidents in your life instead.
3. Don’t Be too Late 
Avoid coming late for the meeting as it will dampen your credibility. Your partner would love to see you coming on time and leaving late. Keep your partner informed if you are going to be late.
4. Don’t Get Physically Close 
If you try this, it may send a wrong signal. Understand the comfort level through gestures and act accordingly.
5. Avoid Asking too Many Personal Questions 
You need to respect his/her privacy by not asking anything that’s personal. It’s quite possible that s/he may not like sharing it with you at this point of time, as it’s too early.