Sunday, October 30, 2016

See Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Has Not Introduced You To His Parents Yet (Photos)


When a man introduces you to his parents, your chances of tying the knot with him are high, more so if you’ve dated for a long time. This means he is very serious about your relationship and he’s comfortable with you as his life companion.

However, if he takes ages to take you to their home to meet his family, you’re doomed. Here are the reasons why men shy away from introducing their girlfriends to their folks:

1. He doesn’t see a future with you.

Come on, if he is serious with you and spending the rest of his life with you, he’d have introduced you to his family.
Image: nation.co.ke

2. He’s not sure his parents will like you.

His parents have been talking ill about certain types of ladies, and somehow, you seem to fit in that bracket.
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3. He hasn’t gotten over his ex.

Maybe there are some traits his ex-girlfriend had that you don’t possess. Men find it very difficult to move on from a break-up, especially if it was a lengthy relationship.
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4. You’ve not introduced him to your parents either.

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5. He wants to break up with you.


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