Things men need to observe when meeting their first date

Some men are smart enough and can notice certain things instantly in a woman on the first meeting. Wondering what? Read on to find out what are those 4 things… 

1. The Way You Look at Men 

Men do keep an eye on their woman when a good looking guy passes by or if he’s sitting somewhere close to her. So, you better not have a roving eye or you are sure to be rejected. It’s your first meeting with your prospective spouse , so instead of wasting time checking out other men, please concentrate on your partner.
2. Your Attitude 
The way you behave does matter to him. Every guy wants a partner who’s understanding, caring, loving and trustworthy and not someone who’s careless, immature, over possessive and loves throwing attitude. You got to appear smart in front of him. So, think twice before you say or do something. Don’t forget that your man is observing you.
3. Your Attitude Towards Kids
Do you like kids, how well can you manage them, etc are some things men always want to know first about women and they need not ask you these things. Men are smart enough to find out. If there’s a kid around who’s crying and you start making faces saying, “I hate kids, they’re so irritating,” etc, it obviously means you’re not fond of them. So, be careful! If you like the guy, act wisely.
4. Your Dressing Sense
What you wear for your first meeting really matters. It’s best to avoid wearing anything that’s revealing or an outfit that’s too Jamaica. So please save your favourite saree for your best friend’s wedding ceremony. First impression is the last impression, so if your dressing is not right, it will be your last meeting with the guy. It’s best to wear something that you are comfortable in and goes well with your personality. Lastly, stick to a natural look with minimal make-up.