Things people Need to Disuss To Their Spouse

It’s important to discuss and agree on important aspects with your partner before you say ‘I Do’, so that there are no nasty surprises awaiting you post marriage. Here are top 5 things to clear with your partner well in advance…

1. Life and Career Goals

You and your partner need to find out about each other’s lifestyle and career goals well in advance. If it’s not somewhat similar, you’ll definitely have issues in the near future. Your interests, values, etc need to match to a certain extent.
2. Hobbies
Creative pursuits are increasingly becoming important and each other’s hobbies need to be understood and encouraged for a happy and content life.
3. Family
A marriage is the coming together of two families. It’s important that the families feel comfortable with each other, or it might create some problem for you both in future. Also, if the girl wants to live separately after marriage, this has to be made clear well in advance, so that it doesn’t create problems in the family later.
4. Family Planning
If you two have decided to get married, make sure both of you share the same thoughts on family planning. Planning in advance is the key to happiness after marriage.
5. Finance
Do not feel shy to ask your partner if he is financially stable and if he can take on responsibilities after marriage. It’s important to be very clear when it comes to money matters or else life can be hell for you, trust us!