Things You Should Know About Men

Getting to know men better
You may have heard several things about what men like, the way they are, etc but when it comes to starting a new relationship there are certain things you need to know about men. And if you’ve never fallen in love, you obviously wouldn’t know. So, here’s how most men are:
1. Men Hate Girly Talks
Avoid boring him with your silly talks like who’s your best friend and how often you guys go shopping together, how often you guys fight, etc. That’s really not what he wants to know. He did like it if you discuss things about the two of you and sound a little romantic. And let it be a two way communication, for God’s sake.
2. Men will be MenNever ever think that you can change your man after marriage. That will never happen. So, it’s best to select a partner who has qualities that you are looking for. Men always prefer women who can support them and not change them after marriage.
3. Learn To Express YourselfIf you are shy and can’t express your feelings, it’s time you change yourself. In case, you didn’t know let us tell you that men love it when women appreciate them and make them feel special. You got to tell your man what he means to you.
4. Men Hate The Guessing Game
We women may love the guessing game but that doesn’t mean men love it too. Men are really bad at guessing, we’re telling you. So, it’s best to communicate with them straight and not by saying stuff like, “Guess what I told her? or guess what I got for you?” Instead keep lines of communication open so that the two of you connect with each other better.
5. Most Men Are Gadget Freaks
So, now you know what to talk about the next time he looks bored, right? Most men enjoy discussing the latest cell phones, iPods, netbooks, etc in the market. So, even if you are not a gadget freak, you can research a bit about the newly launched gadgets in the market and appear smart in front of him the next time you meet him. This is sure to impress him, as men think women have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to gadgets. Go prove them wrong!