What to do if your wife is cheating on you

You have been searching for what you will do to stop you wife/girlfriend from having emotional affair. Firstly, you must come out of the shame and anger. Though you are hurt by her actions, if you go to the roots of the problem, there is a lot to learn in that stage of your life. We tend to marry someone when we are deeply attached emotionally with a person. It means that a marriage fulfills certain needs. And when those set of needs fail to be fulfilled, gradually any person would fall in love with someone else who caters to those needs. That is how affairs start. Now, if you suddenly find that your wife is having an affair, you must first understand that something went wrong from your side too. What to do if your wife is having an affair? Even if you are hurt, gradually come out of the confusing state of mind and think about the following steps. What to do if your wife is cheating Contemplate, realise your mistakes and accept them: If your wife is having an emotional affair, it means that you are not fulfilling her emotional needs. You need to do some soul searching immediately. Ask yourself whether you have not met her emotional, physical or financial needs in a proper way. Talk to her openly. Ask her opinions: It is better to remain calm for a few days so that you can think well. Then one day, when both of you are free, you can express your opinions calmly. Tell her how much you love and need her. Also, tell that you are deeply hurt by her affair. Simply ask her opinion and feedback too. She might also tell you why she felt ignored in her relationship with you. Treat her opinion as feedback and think what to do in order make her feel happy. Give her a choice: Give her the freedom, try to be a man that your wife truly loves. See whether you can make a conscious attempt to change. Let a few months go by. If your wife is still not happy with you, then it means that she loves the other man with whom she is having an affair. Giver her a choice politely. There is nothing wrong in asking for loyalty. If that is not possible, give her the choice of moving on. Explain the pros and cons of her final decision: If she wishes to part ways with you, explain the pros and cons of separation. Both of you will need to suffer a bit due to a divorce. If you have children, then both of you must rethink your divorce decision. Have the courage to accept the reality: If she finally chooses the other man and walks out, just be courageous to accept the reality. Failures are common and natural in relationships. Just learn the lessons and try to be a better man in your future relationships. Did you understand what to do if your wife is having an affair?