What's His Dating Styles Says About Him

It’s said that you can know a man by what kind of date he takes you on. So, we list down some date styles that tell you what kind of person your man is…
Coffee Shop
This is the most comfortable place for a first date. And when a guy chooses to meet up at a coffee shop, it show a certain level of maturity. He knows that a woman will be more comfortable at a place that has more people around on a first date. Plus, coffee shops are the best places to sit and chat over a coffee for hours. So, this means for him, it’s important to talk and get to know the person on a first date and that he’s not aiming for a one-night stand.
Something Active
You may be dreading his suggested baseball outing, friendly game of tennis, or walk in the park (what is he, 80?), but his approach is a good one. He wants a woman who he can share experiences with, and he knows there’s no better predictor than going out and doing it. He wants to see if you can be friends. If you can be patient, you’re in a good position if things start to escalate.
A Friend’s Party
If he’s inviting you to a party, he’s obviously attracted to you and doesn’t mind having you by his side. This guy may not have ‘settling down’ very high on his priority list, but you can approach this da knowing that his intentions are clear. He might not be ready to jump into anything, but you could find a connection.
The Fancy Restaurant
On the surface, it feels right. You feel good, taken care of, and excited that someone with a real job is taking you to a real dinner. But make no mistake, a guy who goes straight for the nice dinner is going to expect that you’ll hook up with him or that you’ll at least go on another date. He could be looking for a three-month pseudo-relationship. If you like him and want to see where it could go, flip things around and suggest a date that isn’t fancy.
Cool Ethnic Food
He’s thinking outside the box, which deserves some credit. Most guys play it safe, and his slightly more aggressive approach is the first test: He wants to see if he’ll be pleasantly surprised by your love of hard-to-pronounce food and cool travel stories. He knows what he wants. If the feeling is mutual, you find yourself in a new relationship.