How To Know That You Are Falling Out Of Love

The same way people can fall in love is the same way they can fall out of love. The problem is when people notice they are falling out of love instead of them to try and solve it or maybe end it they do something stupid, like cheating or picking stupid fights and acting like crazy psycho’s.
Below are 7 signs you might be falling out of love with your lover.
1. You Barely Touch Them Anymore: Even holding hands puts a strain on you. You can’t explain it, and you don’t know how it suddenly happened. But, you can’t stand the fact of touching him/her. It makes you uncomfortable now.
2. The Habits Of Their Cute Annoys You: You used to find the way they chewed loudly cute, and the way they always made gestures with their hands while they talked adorable. Now? You find it annoying and not amusing whatsoever.
3. You Only Stay With Them Because You Are Bored: If you plan on staying with this person, you aren’t staying out of love. You are staying because you feel comfortable with this person and don’t want to cause them pain. But ultimately, you will cause them all the more pain and anguish.
4. When They Try To Kiss You, You Run Away: Even just a simple kiss is a painful realization that you don’t love this person anymore. Your kisses together used to be magic and magnetic. Now, they are dull and lifeless.
5. You Start Becoming Distant: You talk less and less with them and have started to avoid communication at all costs. Falling out of love happens so slowly, that you don’t even notice it at first.
6See Them To Start To Feel Like Work: You are uncomfortable being with them now. You want to avoid them at all costs, to avoid awkward conversations and painful endings. They don’t feel like your person anymore.
7. You Starting Other people Run Away: Before, you never gave anyone else the time of day and you never noticed other attractive people. Now, your eyes have begun to wander and you have found yourself wanting to be with other people.


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