Reasons Why Didn't Accept Your Kill On The First Date

 Just because you don’t kiss on the first date (or you don’t approve first date kiss) doesn’t mean other people don’t do it. A lot of Nigerian girls feel kissing on the first date would make them seem cheap coupled with other self loathing excuses they tell themselves just to console themselves. For the millennial urban ones who have had a first date kiss, chop knuckle.
For the fellas, if you’ve been lucky enough to have a first date kiss before and maybe you had another first date with someone else and she didn’t agree for the first kiss, here’s a few reasons why…
1. MOUTH ODOR: Oh, it happens. It could be a deal breaker or it could just be something that you can laugh about in the future. Either way, it’s not a good way to end an amazing date.
2. OR MAYBE SHE DOESN’T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT:Bad breath or not, a girl will not opt to kiss you if she doesn’t like you at all. If she did, you would end up assuming that there’s still a chance for the both of you. By refusing to kiss you, she may very well be saving you from a fruitless pursuit of her affection.
3. SINCE YOU DIDN’T MAKE A MOVE SHE ALSO DIDN’T MAKE A MOVE: Yes, sometimes girls like to pull the “I may be an independent woman, but I’m not going to kiss you first because that is against the rules of ancient time” card. I don’t play by those rules, but that’s just me. If you did not make the attempt to kiss her first, she is going to assume you were not into the date. So, she will just forget that a kiss was supposed to happen. Don’t make her think you are not into her when you really are.
4. THE DATE PROBABLY DIDN’T GO WELL:Somebody has to say it. If nobody will, the lack of a goodbye kiss will do that for you. No matter how much you like a person, a kiss is less likely to happen if the date ended badly. Any number of circumstances could make this happen. If the first date’s a failure, pray and hope it’ll go better next time – if there is still a next time.
5. THEY DON’T FEEL A CONNECTION YET: Some people feel this immediately, while some people are too guarded to notice that you both work well together. Kissing may seem trivial to some, but others think it’s as special as making love. If you really like the person, you should be willing to wait for them to be open about being physical with you.
6. JUST BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT THE DATE WENT WELL DOESN’T MEAN SHE DID: Yeah, she thought the date sucked. You talked about your days as a Uni bookworm for hours. You may feel like you impressed her, but in reality, she was probably acting like she was intrigued just to be polite. I mean, you did just buy her dinner, so it was the least she felt she could do for you.
7. MAYBE SHE’S SHY: There is nothing wrong with going for the awkward girl. She probably has some amazing qualities to offer, like loyalty. She just might not have been ready for a kiss. Having to spend a few hours with you without having a panic attack was a big step for one night.
8. OR SHE’S JUST PLAYING HARD TO GET: It’s nothing against you or about you that made her not kiss you on the first date. With the way our dating culture is sometimes, the only defense mechanism a girl has from preventing herself from either a) getting attached too quickly, or b) getting hurt too soon is by playing hard to get. She wants to see how much work you are willing to put in to actually have her. How much of a fight will you put up? If the girl is worth it, then you will fight for that kiss. You may not get it tonight, but who knows? It could be in store for you tomorrow.