Relevant place woman always men to touch In their body

As a man, you need to realise that there are various ways to please a woman. This is because women have a number of erogenous zones on their bodies. The only challenge is realising where they are. So, read on to see where you should touch, and how.
1. Her head: The skin on the top of your head is loaded with nerves that are extremely sensitive to the touch. Stimulating the scalp increases blood flow, not just to her brain but all over her body. Next time you and your partner are kissing or cuddling, open your fingers wide and run them slowly through her hair, lightly stroking her scalp with your fingertips. Start behind her ears, at the base of the head, and circulate to the front, kind of like you’re lathering shampoo into your hair. Scalp massages are both soothing and sensual: They help release tension, and get her in the mood for other stimulating activities.
2. Her ears: Start by lightly tracing the C-shaped outline of your partner’s ear with your fingertips or with your tongue. Gently kiss her earlobe or hold it lightly in your mouth and massage it with your lips. If she seems okay with this, you can take it as a green light to start to nibble or suck on the lobe. Once you become more comfortable with the landscape, try combining all of these moves together and every once and while, work your tongue into the center of her ear for a surprising but pleasurable sensation. Another great way to stimulate this spot is with sound! Never underestimate the power of a low moan or a sultry whisper sent directly (but softly) into her ear canal to drive her mad with desire.
3. Her lips: Lips are the most exposed of all erogenous zones, and are packed with a ton of nerve endings that are sensitive to even the slightest touch. That’s why kissing is such an essential act for couples. It enhances intimacy and helps partners connect, plus it just feels good. Lips can be best stimulated through kissing, obviously, but don’t be afraid to add a little variety to the way you’re pleasuring them! Your mouth should not be pressed up against hers like a dead fish. Use your lips, tongue and teeth to lick, nibble and caress her top and bottom lips.
4. Her neck: The neck is an area that is most sensitive to LIGHT sensations, and it’s also one of the sexiest places to touch, lick and kiss. Because the skin in this area is thin, it does not take a lot to make it feel good. Even the feeling of gentle breath on the nape of the neck can send shivers down a woman’s spine. This is a great erogenous zone to start stimulating, even before your partner is fully aroused. Try sweeping her hair up and planting gentle, warm kisses along the side of her neck, close to the place you would touch to check a pulse. The skin here is especially thin, meaning every sensation will be magnified.
5. Her nipples: Although men have been paying very special attention to nipple for years, it’s remarkable how few men know how to pleasure them to their full potential. Research shows that nipple stimulation is processed in the same region of the brain as touch to the clitoris and vagina, making it a key part of the holy trinity of female pleasure. While gently massaging your partner’s breast with one hand, use your fingers or tongue to lightly trace the area around the areola, before placing your open mouth on her nipple. Try using your lips to softly hold the nipple in your mouth and run your tongue back and forth over it; use your lips and tongue to massage the area, paying attention to her bodily cues to determine what she likes best.
6. Her lower back: Whether it’s at the end of a long day, or just another Tuesday, no woman can resist the power of a sensual back massage. The back is riddled with muscles and nerves that respond positively to touch, and the small of the back is especially sensitive. Start off by gently rubbing and caressing her back, focusing most of your attention to the sacrum, which is the area of her lower back just above the tailbone that is rich with nerve endings. Then you can start massaging the area right above her buttocks, using your thumbs to knead either side of (but not directly over) her spine.
7. Her abdomen: The abdomen is an extremely erotic area that should not be ignored. A woman’s abdominal muscles are connected to her vagina, which is why some women can even orgasm simply from doing core exercises. When these muscles are lightly stimulated during foreplay, it causes them to contract in anticipation, which actually boosts arousal. With your partner straddling you, start slowly stroking your fingers up and down her stomach or across her lower abdomen (between her bellybutton and pubic mound) which will stimulate blood flow to her nether regions. Allow your strokes to get lower and lower, closer to her nether regions, then bring them back up. The anticipation will build arousal until she is begging you for more direct stimulation.
8. Her clitoris: The clitoris is the only part of the human body that’s sole purpose is to provide pleasure. With 8,000 nerve endings packed in such a small little space, you’ve gotta respect that ratio! Every clitoris is different in terms of sensitivity; even light pressure from fingertips may be too much for some ladies, while others can take a lot more stimulation. Start off light: Use two fingertips to gently massage the clitoris. Try using a circular motion, or switch it up with some up and down movements as well. Experiment with different speeds and pressure to see what works best for the recipe.
9. Her inner thighs: The inner thighs are ridiculously sensitive to all forms of touch. Along with the backs of her knees, the inner thighs are loaded with nerve endings and are often considered to be among the most sensitive parts of the body, so gentle touches and licks are most preferred. Next time you’re planning on going down on your partner, take a detour and show a little love to her inner thighs. Use gentle finger strokes and light licks to stimulate the skin there, as well as soft breaths against the slightly moist spots where your tongue has just been. You can even massage her thighs while your perform oral on her, which will stimulate the blood-flow to her genitals, making everything your mouth is doing feel that much better.
10. Her feet: You don’t have to have a fetish to be able to show your partner’s feet a little love. Many are surprised to find that a foot stimulation can actually be a real turn on! Plop your partner’s feet into your lap and treat her (hopefully clean) feet to a sensual rub down. Start by massaging the pads of her feet, using your thumbs to rub upward in a circular motion. Repeat this kneading motion as you move slowly down the length of her foot, then move back up again all the way to the toes. Remember to ask her what type of pressure she prefers.