Things You Do To Make People Know You Are Sensitive

1. You are very good in reading people: Just by spending a short time with someone you can easily get an idea of what they’re about. You can always tell when someone’s lying or being deceptive. Your perceptions of people are typically always on point.
2. You have a lot of emphasy.: When a friend or loved one is going through something it’s basically like you’re going through it too. Forget sad movies, sad songs – you WILL cry. You don’t mind it though. You love having a good cry.
3. When people have problem they want to talk you: You’re one of those people that seems to draw others no matter where you’re at. You can sit down on a bench in a park alone and someone will usually come up and sit next to you. 20 minutes later you know their entire life history. You’re a good listener and because of that you’re always the first person someone calls when they have a problem.
4. You are a master dreamer: Sometimes the world becomes too much, it’s too overwhelming, and you must escape. Your head is the best place for this because of your highly imaginative brain you’re able to create vibrant inner lives that flourish when you’re going through a rough time. Other times when you’re neither here nor there, perhaps on a bus or in a waiting room, this is another time you tap into your daydreams. It’s one of the best ways for you to recharge and get away from it all for a bit.
5. you use your emotions to do wonderful things:  You can’t have all of these feelings and not release them somewhere! You might be into writing or drawing, painting or sculpting. You love taking the things you’ve gone through and releasing them into a work of art.
6. You take notice of details all time: You have a way of noticing the things others seem to miss sometimes. You take notice immediately if someone did their hair differently or of the different complexities in a room.
7. You fall hard and fast when its comes to dating: You’re an all or nothing kind of person – either you fall in love passionately or not at all. When you like someone you REALLY like them and it can be hard if they aren’t on the same page. It might lead to a lot of failed romances but you’ve never been very good at the casual, chill kind of relationships so many other people are good at.