Types Of Nigerian You Will Meet At The Mall ( Photos)



Going to the mall is usually a fun, and relaxing experience.

Malls are a place for recreation, business and a host of other activities. Hundreds of people are visit the mall every day, and here are the kind of Nigerians you’re guaranteed to meet in the mall.

1. The wakabouts

You find these people walking round the mall aimlessly and without any purpose. The funny part is, they’re in the mall from when it opens until it closes for business.
Image: Giphy

2. The couple

These ones are usually oblivious to everything and everyone around them. They major concern is their bae, and you can usually spot them holding hands, staring into each others eyes and just enjoying each others company.
Image: Pinterest

3. The selfie gang

These ones usually come to the mall to do photo shoots, and you can usually spot them with their phones raised and their lips pouted.

4. The rich gang

You can always tell from their appearance that they are loaded. You’ll only catch them inside the most expensive stores and restaurants.
Image: Giphy

5.  The shoppers

These ones actually come to the mall to shop. They’re usually lugging around huge bags from different shops and going into other shops to buy even more stuff.

6. The squad

This is usually a group of friends who come to the mall to hang out together. They’re usually really loud and always laughing, but you can always tell that they are having a great time with each other.
Image: HuffingtonPost

7. The food people

These ones usually come to enjoy a meal in one of the malls’ restaurants. Their favourite spot is the food court.
Photo: ElitHeant

8. The movie people

These ones just come to see the latest blockbuster showing in the cinemas and head back home.

9. The local people

These ones usually make it very obvious that they think the mall is Oshodi market. They’re usually very loud and they think the elevator or escalator is a toy.
Image- Lindaikejisblog

10. The window shoppers

These ones are quite similar to the walkabouts. The only difference is that they make sure they enter every store, they even try clothes on, but they never buy anything.

LOL! Which one are you?