Ways for a girl to make sex with the the guy he love

Just because you shy in bed does not mean you cannot rock your guy's world in bed. To be a sex vixen is not rocket science. All you need to remember is that you should always play an active part in your man's pleasure too. These tips below should get your started. 

1. He is more than his penis. Women assume men are not really into foreplay. They also wrongfully assume that all a man need is to have his dick stimulated. Well, that is untrue. A man also likes to be teased and enjoys it when a woman takes the time to explore his body. Find his erogenous zones . Males have a sensitive spot between their Adam’s apple, and chest. And even another between the Adam’s apple, and chin. Their neck. Their ears. Even their hands! Put on something sexy, set the mood lighting, and explore these areas slowly and tenderly with your hands, your lips, and your tongue. 

2. Find what he likes:Is he a fan of lingerie? Does he find you hotter if you wear heel? Does the smell of vanilla give him an erection? You need to pinpoint what turns him on and go with her. If you do not know, then it is time you asked.

3. Connection: Men love to connect with the partner they are in love with. They want to know they are pleasing you as their partner, not just as a woman. So, you need to build on that. Try for eye contact from time to time and let him see the lust and desire in your eyes. Whisper sweet words in his ears that lets him know you are loving his moves. 

 4. Dirty talk: This is not just for casual sex and one night stands. You can dirty talk with the man you love. No need to go overboard if you are uncomfortable. Just some encouraging words like how he turns you on, how you love it when he touches you somewhere, etc, will suffice until you are more comfortable. 

5. Let go.Some women are usually very shy in bed. But you cannot enjoy the experience if you keep overthinking everything. Let go and focus on him. Please him and he will return the favour. 

6. Add some passion: Grind, lick, kiss, and hold with passion. Embrace him and grab his butt as he slides into you. Put his face in places he is needed. Grip him as you let go. Show that his body turns you on extremely. 

7. Be confident:You are beautiful. He finds you attractive, that is why he wants to make love to you. Forget those doubts and show him how much sexier you can be. Tell him what you like. Show him what you enjoy. If something is not working, do not retreat to your shell, simply change tactics. You know who you are and you know you are his, there is absolutely no way you can disappoint him as long as you always go after your pleasure as well as his. Source: