Ways To Show That You Are Falling in love with Him

1. When you wake Up You start thinking of him: He becomes the first person you want to talk to and see at every start of your day. You are always eager to check in on him, and see how his morning is going.
2. You Start To Sacrifice Things to Him:Whether it’s something big like moving across the country for him, or a small thing like changing your eating habits for him, this is a definite sign you’re in love.
3. You Don't Mind His Flaws: No matter how annoying he tends to be, or how many pet peeves of yours that he does, you frankly don’t give a damn. You find his flaws and imperfections adorable and unique. And you wouldn’t want him to be anyone but himself.
4. You Will Feel Comfort When You Touch:When you are hurting or are upset, just the small touch of his hand or the small smile he gives you, makes you immediately feel better. It doesn’t matter what he does, but just his presence gives you great comfort and makes you feel like you’re at home.
5. Do Not Minor Problem become an issue: No matter how bad your arguments get with him, you know that there will always be a silver lining. You also don’t get too hung up on these fights with him, because you know that your love is more powerful than silly disagreements.
6. He Become The Best Thing About Your Day 
: No matter what you are doing or what you are talking abut, being in their presence makes your day brighter and better even if it is a shorter part of your day.
7. You Find Happiness In Doing Things With Him:Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon means the world to you. Seeing him smile makes you beam with energy. Having him give you hug after a hard day, makes your week. You find beauty and happiness in every little thing that he does.