Why You Should Never Allow Your Pastor To Be A Regular Visitor In Your House


Most people have idolized pastors to the extent that they have taken the position of God in their lives. It has been observed that members tend to discuss their family issues with their pastors, especially on visitation.
They tend to forget or even set boundaries to what is being discussed with these men of God. Truly pastors are scripturally said to be shepherds while the members are sheep but the place of church and its services have been misconceived by most church members.

Here are 9 reasons you shouldn’t condone your pastor visiting all the time.

1. It could lead pastors to be biased
The pastor is likely to be pleasing men instead of rendering his selfless services to God. He tends to speak what you want to hear order than what God wants him to do.

2. It takes away from sermon preparation
He shouldn’t be paying visit at the time he ought to spend quality time preparing his sermon on what God tells him to do. This continuous act will definitely reduce the time for the word of God.

3. It brings about unhealthy competitions/comparisons
This act could bring about competition among members if the pastor visits some members more than he does to the other. Since humans are very difficult to please, this will eventually result to rivalry in the church.

4. It takes away vital leadership role from the pastor
If a pastor’s visit becomes a regular habit to the members house, he tends to lose his position of authority. There will be sign of disrespect to the pastor or there could be negligence by members to what he says.

5. It could take away from the pastor’s outward focus
The primary calling of a pastor is to lead the people to the way of God. If he starts visitation there are some family secret that could be reveled during his visitation to your house. You must remember that a third party in your home must be avoided, irrespective of the personality.

6. It could cause a limitation on a great growth of the church
Any church there is rivalry will definitely find it hard to grow. The focus should be on the growth of the church which can only be achieved in a place where there is love. Once there is a fault from the leader, the followers will also be affected. Pastors are to do the work of ministry.

7. It could cause pision in the church
Like the scripture says if the foundation is faulty what can the righteous do? This is the case once a supposed leader is the pioneer of pision among members through his visitation. Since it is not possible to please everyone at the same time, he is likely to start a crack in the member’s relationship.

8. It causes fag-out in pastors
The work of the gospel is not a work for one, that is why some are pastors, apostles and they are to work together to strengthen the work of the ministry. If a pastor therefore makes visitation his priority, he will be easily stressed in strength, physical appearance and spiritual life.

9. It is a sign that the church is dying
Regular visit from your pastor is a writing on the wall that you should leave that church because it is heading towards destruction. You can’t hear the truth from a dying church. The pastor will only be of service to man and not God again. He preaches what you want him to preach.
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