50 sexy things girl will always tell their boyfriend during sex

50 dirty things to say to comer boyfriend The next time you’re in bed with your boyfriend or over the phone with him, use any of these dirty lines to arouse him. But remember, talking dirty isn’t just about mouthing a series of naughty lines in random order.
Follow up each line you say with something you feel. It makes the whole dirty talking game more personal and sensual. If you say something dirty like “you’re my sex slave”, don’t follow that up by saying something completely different. Instead, describe how you feel when you say that. Tell him why you think he’s your sex slave, or what you’d want him to do if he was your sex slave.
Doing this gives the dirty talking continuity, which makes the whole experience a lot sexier and a lot more arousing! And now that you truly understand how to say something dirty, use this list of 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend, and give him a sexual explosion that’s beyond his wildest fantasies!
#1 I’m touching myself right now.
#2 Meet me for lunch. I want you to grope me in the car.
#3 I’m not wearing any underwear.
#4 I can’t wait for you to put it in me.
#5 I want you here right now.
#6 I woke up wet this morning.
#7 You have such a dirty mind, and it works on me!
#8 Tell me where you want to touch me first. *get naked and stand in front of him*
#9 I want you to tear my clothes off my body.
#10 You feel so good in me I wanna scream.
#11 I’m not horny all the time, it’s just that you’re so f**king sexy.
#12 I love how your tongue feels down there.
#13 Bite my neck and f**k me harder.
#14 You’re such a sex machine!
#15 I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’m going to do to you tonight…
#16 Show me where you want me to bite you.
#17 You’re such a bad boy!
#18 Please f**k me. *plead with him*
#19 F**k me now! *order him*
#20 Squeeze my boobs harder and kiss me.
#21 I know you like my pussy…. Now f**k me like you love it!
#22 I wanna f**k you in every room tonight!
#23 You make me think such dirty thoughts!
#24 I’ve been waiting for this all day…
#25 Undress me…
#26 Call me a bitch!
#27 Just looking at you in those boxers make me wet…
#28 Oh god! / Oh yeah!
#29 Tie me up and ride me harder.
#30 I want you to f**k me while I’m leaning against the window.
#31 Grab my ass and bang me harder.
#32 You’re so big it hurts me so much but I still want it!
#33 Can you imagine doing this to me the very first time we met?
#34 F**k me like I’m your bitch / a farm animal.
35 You can have all of me, but you have to pay me first!
#36 Get away from me! *pretend like he’s molesting you*
#37 Get in deeper! *Grab him by his butt and claw him with your nails*
#38 My boyfriend will be here any minute! *a good role play game*
#39 Punish me! I’ve been a really bad girl.
#40 Blowing you makes me so horny.
#41 Talk into my ears while you’re banging me.
#42 The sheets are so wet with my cum right now.
#43 You really know how to make a girl wet…
#44 I love how hard you get when I stroke you.
#45 You make me feel so slippery between my thighs.
#46 I like it when you do it like that!
#47 Pull my hair and f**k me.
#48 I want you to cum all over my face.
#49 You make me feel like such a whore!
#50 Just watching you makes me want to finger myself. Just use any of these 50 dirty things to say to your boyfriend, and you’ll definitely arouse him with your sexy words, just as much as you arouse him with your dirty actions!http://joseph9jablog.blogspot.com