Things people really don't know about sex

There are important things you need to know about s*x you don’t know about or people haven’t told you. Read it all here.

1. Bonking for beauty
So you already know that a session between the sheets comes with some serious health benefits, right? Getting jiggy can slash stress, help you sleep and fight flab (a romp in the sack can burn anything from 85 to an impressive 250 calories).
But did you know that getting busy can also help you get gorgeous? A Scottish study showed that women who have $ex four times a week are perceived to be 10 years younger than their real age. The reason: s*x ups levels of oestrogen and other hormones that plump up skin. Writhe away those wrinkles.
2. New slang
2013 saw that addition of the words ‘cake pops,’ ‘digital detox,’ and ‘geek chic’ into the Oxford dictionary. Another new word (one that didn’t make the dictionary cut, mind)? Funch – a swift $exual encounter performed at lunchtime.
And that’s not all. We also learned about vogueing, ethical non-monogamy and pegging. Discover the lingo every self-respecting $explorer should be speaking here.
3. It ain’t easy getting a date (let alone $ex)
Especially if you live in London, the most expensive city in the world for, at least according to this.
One girl who knows the trials and tribulations of dating is Features Editor Amy Grier who went on a staggering 21 dates – in a row. Find out how she got on here (don’t worry, it has a happy ending – no, not that kind!).
4. We’ve slept with HOW MANY people?
So here’s a shocking figure. A 30-year-old woman who’s had seven $exual partners may have indirectly slept with 2,907,947 people. Yikes! Subtract 2,907,946 and that gives you the number of times a week most couples have s*x (yes, you did the maths right – it’s once a week).
5. The weird link between your brain and $ex drive
You know how some women are more like Samantha and other women are total Charlottes? Well, it could all be in their heads – literally. The number of $exual partners you’ve had may be linked to how your brain is wired.