Why is sex a problem to everyone


S3@.x:’ can solve a lot of problems between couples, therefore, S3@.x:’ cannot be ruled out entirely, infact it could be what you need at that moment to take away your worries.
Here are 7 times when getting it on really is the way to turn your worries off.
1. When you can’t fall asleep:Who needs herbal tea when you have this holistic remedy for insomnia?
2. When you’re trying to move past a fight:He said he was sorry. You forgave him, and you meant it, but a part of you still kind of wants to smack him. Spank him instead, and within minutes, you’ll both be back to your D!sgust!ngly cuddly selves.
3. When work is stressing you out like crazy:You wish you could leave work at the office, but you have that big presentation tomorrow and you still need your boss to go over that report. Sounds like you need to schedule a meeting with your man so he can leave you breathless and thinking about anything but Melvin in accounting.
4. When you’re procrastinating: You said you were going to finally organize that wall in your closet today, and you will … as soon as you take care of this one pressing errand.
5. When you didn’t get a chance to exercise that day: There’s no denying that exercise brings with it a myriad of mood-boosting benefits, but on some days, gym time just isn’t on the cards. Not only does S3@.x:’ require both light cardio and flexibility, it leaves you with a glow that’s at least as noticeable as the one you leave yoga with.
6. When one of you is leaving town for a while: You’re going to miss him, he’s going to miss you, and you’re both going to be lonely and in different cities for a stretch. Forget talking about it, and let your bodies give each other the send-off you both deserve.
7. When you’re bored: Boredom is a gateway emotion that can lead to all kinds of ill-advised decisions, from going on an online shopping spree to cutting your own bangs. Make a little nookie instead, and avoid these unsafe, non-S3@.x:’ual activities. S3@.x:’uality is an integral part of being human. Love, affection, and S3@.x:’ual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships and individual well-being.