Why people always make sex in their office


Here are 4 situations and what you do when you find yourself in an office romance with a colleague.

1. The fling
Just started an office affair, tread more cautiously. You don’t want to set the office gossip mills abuzz.
What to do: Until it’s serious, hide it.

2. Dating the boss
A minefield: get together with the boss and you are sleeping your way to the top. And if you are the boss you’ll be accused of abusing power.
What to do: Switch your sights to someone more lateral to you. Or hide it at all cost.

3. Forbidden romance
Some offices have strict dating policies, but the forbidden fruit always seems sweeter. Ask yourself: are you looking for passion or promotion?
What to do: Follow company guidelines.

4. Dating the partner
Starting a business with your significant other is a good and bad thing. Good because you can discuss anything, bad because the personal and professional mix.
What to do: Cultivate smaller egos.
Nearly 5 per cent of workers who have had an office romance say they have left a job because of an office relationship gone sour.