ways on how to approach and have a date with a girl that is shy

On this website, I will teach you guys how to meet and date a shy girl. Dating a shy girl is very beneficial to guys. Shy girls are intelligent, sweet, loving, caring, and most importantly, loyal girls. Guys ultimately want loyal girlfriends that can and will eventually become marriage material so a shy girl is the best idea. Shy girls are loyal and less likely to cheat, shy girls are charming and have great personalities, and they are not “loose” and are very ladylike.
How to Meet and Date a Shy Girl
How to Meet and Date a Shy Girl
Want to learn how to meet and date a shy girl?
So what do you do to meet and date a shy girl?
How do you approach the situation?
This article is strictly for the guys out there that are tired of the loud, obnoxious, and loose girls: for the guys that are ready to bring someone home to mamma. If you are not serious about dating a shy girl, please don’t read this article; if you are ready for the drama-free dating experience, then proceed.

Where to meet a shy girl?

Shy girls are not in nightclubs or bars. They will not be out at 2:00 a.m. or partying. A shy girl will most likely be in a coffee shop, library, parks, online, and in shopping malls. Get out in the world and make sure you focus on the daytime meet and greets. Most girls, shy or not, do not want to be picked up in a nightclub, they want to connect while the sun is out.

How to meet a shy girl and eventually date her:

Normally, the guy is supposed to approach the girl first. It is set in stone in history and this is what a shy girl prefers. A shy girl will not allow herself to make the first move because she may feel intimidated or feel inadequate, so it is up to the guy to initiate what he wants. A shy girl is usually timid, so you must get to know her by subtle interactions so that she can warm up to you. Regardless of how nervous you are, you must be able to approach the situation in order to “snag” the girl of your dreams.
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Do not be shy to approach a shy girl!
When talking to her be sure to ask about her interests and what she enjoys doing. Most shy girls don’t date much because guys are usually seeking one thing, which is a turnoff. Find out about her dreams and be attentive and engaged in the conversation. Basically, you must really get to know her or she’ll become cold and “shy” away. Be confident, funny, witty, and interested. Most shy girls avoid eye contact and speak softly, so your job is to get to know her and let her know that she is able to open up and become comfortable with you.
Because shy girls are timorous, they are not expecting a guy to approach them with the intentions of dating, so with that being said, they will enjoy the effort and easily succumb. The confidence that she lacks will shine through you, thus allowing a connection to emerge. This connection will ultimately enhance the loyalty in your future relationship. Now you have learned how to meet to and date a shy girl!