Ways on how to break up with someone that you are in love with

Tips On How To Break Up With Someone You Still Love.
To break up with someone you still love that is not making you happy is one of the hardest thing to do. It might be due to some certain reasons but nonetheless it always seems breaking up with someone you still love is the best choice. Recently i wrote a post that exposes the 9 amazing secrets to make your relationship last forever, you can read it here. Although sometimes trying to stay together will cause more pain.
Below are some very essential tips on how to break up with someone you still love and get over it quickly.
First you have to have to make up your mind that you really want to break up with him/her because the more you keep contemplating on the break up the more pain you causing yourself. Its advisable to note the reasons why you want the break up. Highlight the things you want in a relationship that you are not getting. Be true to yourself.
Now that you have made up your mind to break up with your partner, don’t rush!. You can start by first telling him/her why you think the relationship is not working, point out obstacles that you feel are affecting the relationship negatively. This way, your partner is likely to start looking forward to the break up.
Avoid making the common break up mistakes. Be sure to choose the appropriate time, place and mood to break the news to him. it is advisable not to break up at a rivate place where there are chances you could both end up having sex and then start looking forward to how to make it work again. A park or probably some hangout will be okay. you already have the upper-hand by being the ‘dumper’ but dont be too emotional. Just give your partner some time to digest the news.
Be sure to talk to your partner and give reasons for breaking up with him/her eventhough you are still in love.Be honest.
If there are properties that belong to both of you, be sure to divide them and also break up every thing that joins both of you together and be sure to over look some.
Give each other some time. Approximately a week or month then evealuate the decision together and see if it is a good idea to see each other as friends. Eventhough in most cases it doesnt work out but make sure you forgive each other and avoid resentment. Acknowledge the times you spent together and cherish the memories that comes with it.


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