some of the reason why love is blind
Love Is Blind and fall in love with a goat is a well known proverb. When people fall in love, you cannot control own self. When this feeling happens, a pile of garbage could be seen as beautiful as flower beds. Everyone must have experienced falling love once in life.Who can define love with right? No one! Love is beautiful, love hurts, love is pure, crazy love, love is a pearl heart; so on.
Here Are 10 reasons Why Love makes someone Blind
We do not see the negative side of the people we love.
Love Is Blind
Everything looks perfect and stylish. Person says to himself, nothing more and nothing less.
We See Our Ideal.
Love Is Blind
Everyone has the image of the ideal partner in his mind. If we fall in love with the same image that we have visualized, then we begin to attach to like.
 All the mother has to love his children though have not seen their faces.
Love Is Blind
Unconditional love is also blind. Mothers had never seen the face of her unborn child, but they already love. They love their children just to feel the movement of the fetus in his stomach.
If we fall in love we do not see with the eyes but see with feeling.
Love Is Blind
People fall in love focus on feelings and emotions which determines something is good or bad. They don’t focus on appearance.
If we fall in love, the passion and the feeling is much stronger than common sense.
Love Is Blind
People who fall in love have excellent common sense. They express their feeling beautifully. They have strong fear of losing each other.
They are not realistic.
They are more imaginative. Their eyes are filled with dream, aspirations and romantic scenes. They believe in fantasy (make it believe).
Love Is Blind
They Appeal each other:
When in love we fell in love with him without knowing why. This is wonderful feeling but they never knew why.