some of the secret a wife would not tell her husband

It is not necessary for you to read out every single thought that comes to your mind; not because you don’t believe in him but because you wouldn’t want to hurt him.
Sample this: your husband is talking to his mom on the phone, you accidently overhear a bit, then get curious and secretly listen to what they are talking about. You heard it, you knew about the topic, and then it’s over. It does not harm them, it does not harm you, then what’s the point in confessing to him? And who knows, your husband must be harboring some secrets too!
Here are 11 N@ughty and not-so-N@ughty thoughts that you can keep to yourself.
1. An old flame turns up:
Perhaps in your thoughts, as you recall him. Or you indeed bumped into him somewhere. It was sort of rekindling, but you could do nothing about it (or did you?). Once home, you don’t discuss him but have fleeting thoughts about the meet. You don’t have to tell your husband about him. Why would you?
2. Someone else is far more attractive than your husband:
It could be someone you met at a party or at work. There are times when you come across someone so charming that your husband totally fades out in comparison to him. You could be all flirty with this bloke, bringing you back to your school days. But nope, you don’t want your husband to get a whiff of it.
3. You wished your husband had better habits:
Fine, your husband has had a different upbringing. You are culturally different. But what does it really take to turn the fans off when not in use or stash away those empty bags of chips? Despite telling a hundred times, he would not budge. The result – you begin to hate him for that. But you don’t want to tell him so.
4. You wished you could do away with your in-laws:
True, a wife can never love her in-laws like she can love her parents and siblings. Plus, there will be little appreciation from your in-laws for you. It all may not go down well with you, so much so that you will dislike your husband as much as you could dislike his parents. Despite the freedom of speech that you enjoy at home, your hatred for in-laws is one thing you will never want to tell your husband.
5. You read his text messages:
What does he read all the time on the phone and why is it out of bounds to you? The curiosity in you makes you read his messages and check his contact details provided you know the password. But don’t tell this to him as he would change his password immediately!
6. You wished he were wealthy:
No amount of money will keep you contented. You compare your husband with your friend’s husband and wonder whether he is on the road to success.
7. You wished your husband was more fashionable:
Yes, sometimes it’s nice to show off to your friends that you have the best trendsetter husband. But sadly every time someone visits you or you get invited, he is at his worse. You want to kick him in the shins, but you just put a lid on your eagerness to do that to him.
8. You wished he had better presence of mind:
You keep wondering as to how one could be so absent-minded. Does he have bouts of dementia or what? Even in a case otherwise, his expressions are too plain for you to get a hint of anything. You don’t mind declaring that he bears the dumbest look.
9. You wished he had similar opinions (read: nods to your opinions):
You are rock-n-roll, while he is high on traditional music. You like new movies while he sticks to watching what he watched while growing up. You prefer him in suits, while he would want to wear pajamas. Tasteless and ancient – that is what you think about him. (Just be grateful he is not a caveman). You will go as far as having a pillow-fight but deep inside you wish you were hit with a blong – so you can put an end to these differences.
10. He deals with kids amazingly well:
Well, this is one thing you wouldn’t want to admire him for! After all, he is your fiercest competitor. The kids are scared of him but they adore him. They love the way he cooks, they want him to do all the craft work for their school and play, and they miss him awfully if he is out of town. And you know they are right. Envious? Then don’t tell him he is good, simple.
11. Your mother is more important than his:
This is another bitter truth that will crumble your husband. Your mother is more important for you because she is there for you when you face any problem. You run up to her to seek help with your kids, to know the recipes, to find a solution. And she is glad to do anything for you unlike your mother-in-law. But you wouldn’t want to share this with your husband.
Women are known for their inability to keep secrets but what men do not know is that we are very much capable of keeping secrets, selectively.