these are secret that can make your relationship last forever

It is more important to know how to develop an affair than starting one in the first place. It is also very important to know that little things usually mean much more in relationships. This has been proven to be the reason why many relationships die. Although some die natural deaths, most die due to the fact that many of these little things are being ignored. Below are some nine amazing little secretsyou must know to keep your relationship and make it last forever.
  • Express Yourself:
Endeavour to always share your thoughts and feelings always. Don’t assume your partner already knows. Its not a guessing game and the fact that you love each other doesn’t make either of you a mind reader.
  • Be Honest & Admit Mistakes:
Don’t ever tell lies or cheat and if you make a mistake be quick to admit and apologize because there is every chance that your partner will find out later on. It’s also necesssary to be forgiving and learn to look beyond mistakes. Appreciate the fact that your partner told you and cherish the fact that your boyfriend/girlfriend is trying to be honest. Say sorry when you should and must. Your heart should be bigger than your ego.
  • Men Should Never Forget Birthdays & Anniversaries:
That is the biggest mistake you don’t want to ever make. Women cherish special dates. They don’t forget because they hold on to those memories and always look forward to the next one. It’s always a time to show her you cherish them too. Same goes for the women too but in addition, don’t ever make him feel jealous or miss you too much. It does more damage to the relationship than you can ever imagine.
  • Create Traditions
Try to create traditions such as saying goodnight every night to each other before going to bed thus even though you’ve had misunderstanding during the day, this time is a chance to make up and say good night. Dont ever go to bed without saying goodnight to each other. If he doesnt call you, you call him and even if he wakes up the next day, he will see your missed call and feel guilty for sleeping without saying goodnight to you. Keeping traditions like saying goodnight delivers so many messages and is very essential in every affair.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Criticism:
While it is natural to have different point of views, partners should avoid being too critical because in the end it turns out to be more annoying and rather more destructive than helpful. Sharing opinions is quite necessary but it shouldnt always lead to arguments or provoke unnecessary fights.
  • Sex
This is very important in every relationship. It is beyond the physical action and mental attachments. It goes way deeper and beyond all that is attached to it. It says a lot and means much. If you are not having sex with your partner for whatever reason besides medical conditions, the relationship will be affected in a very negative way and someone always ends up getting heart broken. Try as much as possible to ensure your partner is not sexually starved. There are many ways to ensure sexual pleasure. Find one which is appropriate & convenient for both of you.
  • Never Hit Her!!!
I reserved this most important tip because I figured if you could read this far I shouldn’t deny you this top amazing little secret. Regardless of whatever happens or however angry you can get, never raise your hand to hit her or maltreat/hurt her in anyway. Also Break up shouldn’t be an option but If necessary both parties have to be in full support. Don’t quit because either of you is not happy at the moment. Its very essential to both sit together and work things out. No matter how tough it gets don’t ever hit her.
  • Spend Nights Together & See Each Other Often.:
Sex is not always the primary goal here. Yes, sex is good but sometimes its more than just sex. The primary goal here is the incredible feeling of going to sleep and waking up in the arms of someone you love. It creates intimacy and is more like the fuel that keeps the fire burning.
  • The number 9…:
Stop doing things you know your partner hates. stop being stubborn, its not a game, its not war. Dont let your ego destroy your relationship. Remember to say goodnight no matter what and never go to bed angry.

Relationships can be very challenging but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. Love is a feeling that fluctuates up and down it all depends on how you treat eachother and solve problems. Create room for doubts, jeaulosy, quarrels et.c They often make it fun but to enjoy this, always remember to talk about the bad times during the good times.