some thing guys truly don,t love about

Since the dawn of the sexual knowledge, there have been mythos that men find the intercourse sessions utterly ecstatic. Simply because women get pounded and men have their tool inside the pink slit of women does not always mean that men do not think of stopping the session and just lie down. (It’s highly exhausting for them)

Yes, it’s true. At times men get tired and really want to get off and pass out. There are so many things men hate about sex and as unbelievable as it may sound we actually got a whole list that will make you agree with us.
1. The Ups And Down Before Switching It On
Women think that the soldier gets up right away as soon as they touch a man but guess what! It doesn’t, I mean they go through many erections before they get themselve inside you and for them, it’s highly frustrating.
How? Well, remember? It starts with the kissing then some important talk barges in (The saluting worrier bows down), then second phase starts when you mutually touch chests (But hey! there’s always something that interrupts may be a pee break, a call or anything and the THING doesn’t stays up), then finally comes the phase where they get to enter the vertical lips but till then the Dick gets tired of lying flat and pointing up. At times they feel like calling a night.
2. Shoe to Shooo!!

Ever since Eve tasted the fruit of shame, it has been the ritual that when Sex happens, the man begins by taking off the clothes of the woman. The woman always unbutton the shirt but that’s it. Poor men, they have to take off their jeans and shoes and socks.

I mean in what world does that sound equal that a man can unzip a thousand pairs of women boots or remove their hundred types of footwear but a woman never unlaced a pair of her man’s shoes. It is just irritating to guys. Girls, don’t be so cruel.
3. Pointing And Peeing
No woman on earth knows the pain of peeing with a hard on because they never have to and it really sucks. When men have their dick pointed, their bladder locks up as it becomes prime to ejaculate and peeing in that situation hurts like hell.

The wait feels like forever as the flow never comes easily and women end up thinking that they are taking a dump. (Trust me he will rather take a dump than having sex after all that pain).
4. Should I Or Shouldn’t I
Women think men shoot the gun right inside them as soon as it is loaded but what they don’t know is that men have really hard time guessing when is the perfect time to go in and start the fire.

I mean 80% of the time they get it right but your V-zone doesn’t always give them enough hints and when they realise that they might have jumped in a dry pound, they feel stupid and regret doing it.
5. Holding The Major Wave
Women take their time to Orgasm but with all the turn on’s and ready to pound situation it is really hard for men to not come. The first minute of sex is the hardest as the trip and pleasure become too high for them but they can’t just unload because then they will be judged.

Holding the major wave is not at all easy for them, however when the rush passes it becomes better. So, ladies holding it for long may feel fun to you but it is never fun for them.
6. The Game Of Satisfaction
Women do not hold the right of getting disappointed in bed, men do get disappointed but they just find it unrespectable to say it out loud (They care about your feelings).

During the sexual encounter, they think about 80 more things that they would like to try or do (May be because they have seen it in some erotic porn) but let’s be serious, women mostly don’t get out of their comfort zone and they make peace with the minimum options of new things they get.
7. Never Letting The Truth Out
Men love to make their female partner orgasm (as hard as possible) but they do understand that one of the days it isn’t going to happen. When a woman says she can’t come, men listen and understand that but they would rather blow their chance of having sex than telling her that they can’t come.

Why? Well, it’s simple the rapid fire of questions won’t leave their side and the invasive drilling will drive them insane. Hence, they fake it. YES, they do, because telling you that they jerked off three times before invading your vagina is harder than faking an orgasm. (I bet you are still judging them)
8. Right Of Complaining
The worst part is that they can’t even complain about all the things that I have mentioned above. How can they, I mean we women always nag about more than 200 problems that we are going through and how on the earth, the person who is about to pound you will complain about anything that might make you sad.

I bet you never thought of these problems before but now that you know all of them try to make it as easier as you can for him.