6 Super-Sexy, Naughty Things You Need To Try in Bed Tonight

1. Watch an er*tic French soft-P0*n movie. You may not understand the language but the actions will speak for themselves…
2. Ask him to give you a sensual massage – with a twist. Use aromatherapy oil but leave it in the fridge overnight so when he applies it to your skin it’ll feel extra-sensitive and tingly.
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3. Play out your striptease fantasy – wear anything with buttons or zips and slooowlyundress (keep your heels on). Edge very close to him but don’t let him touch you. It’ll either make you laugh or make you both very hot. Either way, great s*x will follow.
4. Pour honey, melted chocolate or Nutella on all your sensitive erogenous spots (br**sts, neck, stomach, thighs, lips). Blindfold him, and get him to lick you all over your body until he finds the sweet surprise. (*Obvious disclaimer here about checking temperatures of melted things before applying to body*).
5. When he’s going down on you, let him work from below. You sit on all fours, and have him lie underneath you on his back – giving you oral from a different angle will create all sorts of new sensations.
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6. Scream as loud as you possibly can while you’re getting it on – it’ll rev you both up – and it’ll definitely turn him on, knowing that his pleasure skills are working.


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