Good News Guys; Science Says Starring At b**bs, Having More s*x Could Lead To Longer Life

Men have enjoyed this for a very long time now, while we’ve not looked for more proof for how beneficial this might be for the human life, we have just enjoyed it. Science has come to buttress what were already thinking about, not only does it feel good to have s*x, it also is good to just stare at b**bs, quite relaxing too, you should try it. LOL
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The quest to live forever is on everyone’s agenda but most importantly for people who are very wealthy, they’re the ones with the wherewithal to make it happen. Having tons of cash is enough motivation to want to outlive everyone. Science has found a way to prolong life, not necessarily make you live forever.
According to a report from Medical Daily, published by FHM, there are five unusual ways to prolong life.
1. Staring at b**bs
It’s probably not on the list of what you think it should be, where does this creepy act belong in life longevity? According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, those who participated admitted that positive thinking can have a powerful effect on making healthy choices.

Looking at b**bs can help make men happy and lead to good feeling. Connect the dots, just don’t be weird about it. Stare with some self-control, and don’t go around staring b**bs that aren’t your partners.
2. Having more s*x
s*x is good for the body, climax is even better. Having lots of it can also help you live longer, who would have thought? According to a study conducted by National Library of health, they discovered that man’s mortality can decrease by as much as 50 percent thanks to release of serotonin while having s*x. Here is the encouragement you’ve been waiting for, go and have s*x, your life depends on it.
While these two ways are parts of how you can live a longer life, other things you can do include, being responsible. Just live life in moderation, don’t go crazy and wreck your body then hope for miracle that you can still use your body for as long as possible. Another way to live longer is to get married. That activity you’ve been putting away for so long. Being lonely can kill. It isn’t only good to get married but when to get married is also important.
According to a study by Harvard among 127,000 people, they found out that men who got married after 25 years old are likely to live longer than men who got married earlier. Having kids is also another way to prolong your life. According to a study from the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, when people with kids reach the age of 60, their life expectancy is elevated by about 1.5 years, when they turn 80, men with kids live longer by 8 months than men without kids.
They you’re, the secret to long life and how you can achieve it.