Six (6) Reasons Men See women You As Cheap

Here are 6 behaviours some ladies exhibit that make men see them as cheap.
1. Asking A Guy To Renew Subscription: I laughed hard when I heard that there are still ladies who do this. It is absurd. Take note that (once a guy who is not related to you), regardless of his status in life, does this small act however much of a pittance it is, he would be expecting something in return.
2. Needing Transport Fair; Why not hold your own money? Isn’t it better that he sees you as independent of him? It is just smart to be put together.
3. Ordering More Than You Can Eat On A Date; Some of these things might sound absurd to a lot of people but they do happen. Why not order what you can eat? Why pick bags upon bags of take away packages?
4. S3x On The First Date; Most times a guy would attempt, and most times you should refuse. This is just common sense. He would see you as easy if you just open up to him on the first date. So don’t, let things be drawn out.
5. Instigating Randy Discussions; If all you talk about is s3x, a guy is hardly going to see you as being serious. He would look at you as free to air, anybody can tune in and enjoy.
6. A Lot Of Male Friends; Expensive items are owned by few people. If you imagine that by having a lot of male friends you rank high on their lists of respectable ladies then you are most certainly wrong. You would just be one of those girls to them.