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Exp0sed !! New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV That Condoms Can’t Stop (Must Read)

Unmarried men too seem to prefer condoms as the popular method to protect against STIs. But for a virus whose disease has no symptoms, the inefficacy of condoms allows for faster and wider spread, especially amongst those with multiple s*x partners. The only 100 per cent effective way to prevent HPV transmission is abstinence from any s*xual contact, including oral, an*l, and vaginal s*x. See also: Morning after:That ‘oops’ moment when women’s emergency pills backfire Since abstinence may not be a realistic option, Dr Mugo advises remaining monogamous while in a relationship, vaccination and screening for women. Women can also pass viruses without having any symptoms.

But the chance of females infecting men is estimated at less than five per cent of the rates of male-to-female transmission. There are more than 100 types of HPV and about 13 of these are cancer causing, with H…

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