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Sexiest place to touch a woman besides her breast

Besides the vagina, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you.

Men should know what these areas are, because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work and you will see how it will turn out...

Tip #1
Place a few light kisses on the nape of the woman’s neck and you will see the reaction. Interesting fact about nape of the neck is that it was seen in ancient Japan as very attractive by men because it was one of the few places that were ‘naked’. Today the nape of the neck is underestimated area when it comes to pleasure but it still works. Give it a try with giving the woman gentle touches and kisses.

Tip #2
Let’s be honest –a well-defined clavicle can be very sexy on a woman. And you should show your woman your appreciation for its beauty with gently touches and kisses. Here is a tip from us –Pay a big attention to this area when she is fully clothed with just unbuttoning her shirt just to reveal the clavicle and nothing more. You can even come back to this area while you are having s ex for maximum pleasure.

Tip #3
Women will feel safe when in public places if you are placing your hand against the small of her back. This proves that you feel protective of her and another similar area is placing your hand around her shoulder but without being too pushy. When you are alone, kiss or lick her spine and end up with a kiss on the small of her back, will make the woman to go crazy for you!

Tip #4
Touch, kiss or even lightly bite the earlobes of your woman and watch her reaction to it. She will go insane for you! You can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear but REMEMBER not to jam your to tongue into the ear.

Tip #5
To pleasure someone we are using our palms of the hands. When you are not alone, you can give your woman a little bit of attention and pleasure at the same time with tracing your finger along her palm.

Tip #6
We all know that women want to have always the perfect hair and that is why they often go to their hairstylists but sometimes that is not the only reason for it. What can be such a stress reliever for women is the process of wash, cut, colour and styling. Why? –Because through her hair hands are gently running. That is why you should try this too. Just massage with your fingers from her temples to the nape of her neck and she will be crazy for you! Give it a try.

Tip #7.
Pelvis is located near her va gina so this will be hard task because you will have to resist the urge to immediately slip down to her va gina. Do you want to give your woman the maximum pleasure? Just tease her inner thighs, give her some kisses and you can even lick the area around her pelvis.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Things that happen to your vagina when you clean it with a tissue paper

If you’ve been leaving the bathroom feeling sore, irritated, itchy, or otherwise uncomfortable, you aren’t alone.

Here’s the awful stuff that toilet paper can do to your vagina AND what you can do to stop the icky cycle.

1. Microcuts
This is the stuff of nightmares, but when you wipe your vagina you can create hundreds of microcuts on your labia and elsewhere. This is not only painful but can lead to dangerous infections. We’re not saying give up the TP, but try dabbing your vagina instead of wiping to protect yourself from dangerous microcuts.

2. Puffiness
So many toilet papers out there contains chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. These make for a nice looking and smelling product, but they can wreak havoc on your vagina, irritating the tissue which can lead to serious puffiness and itching.

White toilet paper often contains BLEACH which (surprise) can be very irritating to some more sensitive vaginas. Another cause of puffiness can be too much wiping. If your vagina is puffy, start with easing on the wiping pressure. If this doesn’t help, try buying an unbleached organic toilet paper that’s formeldahyde-free.

3. UTIs
In women the urethra is pretty darn short. That means it can be easier for bacteria to creep up and cause infections. If you’re wiping back to front you could be pushing feces (which is riddled with bacteria) into your urethra putting you on a one way track to UTI city. There’s an easy fix, start wiping front to back.

4. Yeast Infections
The chemicals in your toilet paper that are causing puffiness in your vagina? They can also be giving you yeast infections. The chemicals used to give paper fragrance can mess with your vagina’s perfectly balanced PH system and lead to recurring yeast infection. If you think your TP is giving you yeast infections, trying switching out to something hypoallergenic.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Reason why girls move around with married men

“Oh, he’s taken? Challenge accepted!” So is there something about a wedding ring that makes a man seem nicer, smarter, funnier, and just overall more desirable. Is it because a man who is already taken is more experienced? Is he seen as able to commit? Is he more desirable because another woman has pre-screened him? For some, the food on someone else’s plate dalways looks tastier. If someone else wants him, he must be worth wanting.

They have amazing PR managers in their girlfriend
Interestingly the more a woman praises her partner as smart, funny and caring, the more she – often unknowingly – fans the flames of mate poaching by her female friends. Ladies, watch your back.

They are already pre-screened
The most practical explanation why the attached men seem the most attractive is that they already possess most of the qualities women seek in a partner – only they have been discovered by other women first. Thus such guys may or may not be attractive but they are more likely to have stable jobs, wealth and a healthy sense of responsibility.

Women like what is popular
It is one of the quirks of the female nature to want what someone else has. The very fact that a guy is wanted at least by one woman – his current girlfriend – makes him hot or at least interesting enough to be desired by others.

They are considered ‘safe’
Once a guy is taken, women find it easier to open up to their hearts to them. Thus a guy may find his girlfriend’s friend pouring out her relationship woes, car troubles, job issues and even PMS symptoms to him; indeed he may even be moved to offer a shoulder of support one time too many. Eventually the intimacy emerging from this kind friendship is too much to ignore and she may find herself falling for the guy who is already taken.

They make you feel really good about yourself
When a married guy flirts with you, calls you, or sleeps with you, he’s taking a major life risk to be able to enjoy your company. “Part of the intoxication is: ‘This person’s married so I must be really special,’”

As long as it’s illicit and forbidden, sparks fly. If he were to actually leave his wife or partner to make this relationship permanent, brace yourself for a nosedive. For starters, he cheated on her with you, so how could you ever know he wouldn’t treat you the same way. 

The pursuit of the unattainable man can be a thrilling challenge, but the end result always ends up in heartache; one cannot unattach anything without ripping some seams. Either much time and effort is wasted by trying to change what doesn’t need fixing, or in the event you are successful and end up attaining the unattainable, there is bound to be distrust on both sides.

Dating after divorce

A divorce is a difficult and stressful life event for any person to go through. During the process or after, you may be experiencing a sense of freedom that you haven't felt in quite some time, and the thought of getting back into the dating world might cross your mind. Dating after divorce can be fun and exciting, yet there are a variety of factors that can influence this experience. Your children and your own emotions can make the idea of dating after divorce seem scary or even out of the realm of possibility. While these are important factors to consider, they don't mean that you'll never be able to have a new relationship. By being honest with yourself, taking your time, and acknowledging your children's feelings, dating after divorce can be less stressful and more enjoyable.
Getting back into dating after divorce isn't always an easy experience. Some might think that they are ready to jump into dating right away, while others feel like they'll never be able to have a relationship again. Dating can be an exhilarating experience, and it's not something that should be taken too lightly especially when there is more to consider now. Ending a relationship by divorce is an emotional process that often leads to a period of grief and reflection, and the length of this period varies from person to person. Everyone is different, and there is no perfect timeline or one-size-fits-all process for dating after divorce. It is a decision that every person has to make on their own. Be honest with yourself about what you're ready to take on and when. Consider your emotions alongside your current physical state. If you're not healthy on your own, it will be more difficult to be healthy as you navigate the waters of a new relationship. Also, don't look to the experiences of others as the answer to what you need. Even if it took a friend only a few months to begin dating after their divorce, this might not be what works for you. It is worth taking some extra time to get used to your new lifestyle and being single before you dive into a new relationship. Give your emotional wounds time to heal, and know that you are ready to let someone else in before putting yourself out there. If you decide to get into the dating scene and realize you're not ready for it, you can always take a step back and try again later. Again, there is no answer that fits every situation, so doing what feels right for you is the best choice you can make.
Relationships require hard work and patience. Choosing a partner should be the same, especially after going through a divorce. Taking the time to evaluate your emotions and truly access how ready you are for a new relationship is important when you are thinking about dating after divorce. If you still are grieving the loss of your past relationship, you may want to take a step back from dating. Some may experience their grief sooner rather than later, while others may not feel it until the divorce is finally over. You should have fun with dating and the new relationship experience, so there's no point in rushing into something that you can't allow yourself to fully enjoy. Taking the time to grieve your past relationship will only help you to get more out of your new relationship. When you do begin dating, don't allow yourself to simply settle for someone right away. Allow yourself to be picky as you choose the next partner, especially if you have kids. It may be worth meeting several new people before setting into something. Going out with friends is a great way to get back into the social scene slowly. Also, taking a class at a local arts center or your gym is another way to socialize and meet new people at the same time. Even if these people aren't on your dating radar, making new friends and building your relationships with old friends helps you to better evaluate your current emotional state and know if you're ready for something more than just a friendship. If you do meet someone that you would consider pursuing a relationship with, you will hopefully have a better idea of what you are getting into, what you're ready for, and if they would fit in well with your family. 
If you have kids and decide that you're ready to begin dating after divorce, they should play a large role in any decisions you make from this point on. When you start dating, your kids might not know how to interpret what's going on. A big part of how a child interprets this situation has a lot to do with their age. As you begin dating, you'll have to tell your kids something, but depending on their age, you might not want to tell them everything right away. If you have a child who is rather young, you may just tell them know that you are going to see a friend for a while and will be back soon. You can wait to fully explain the situation once you have seen someone more than just a few times. If your child is in their teenage years or older, they will likely understand what it is that you're really doing. It is fine to tell an older child that you are starting to date again, and you should be prepared to hear their opinion on the matter. While you need to understand how they feel about the situation, you should also explain your feelings. You don't need your child's permission to move on and start dating, but you'll should still be sensitive towards their feelings. Also, it probably isn't a great idea to introduce your kids to a new partner until you know for certain that the relationship is serious. Kids need balance and stability after divorce. It will only confuse and disappoint them to be constantly meeting your new partner only to have that person exit the situation soon after. Once you do find a new partner that you are serious with, it is okay to introduce them to your kids, but don't expect them to be excited about it right away. Your kids might be feeling like this new person is coming in and trying to replace their other parent, so they may express emotions like anger and frustration. It takes time to build trust and a relationship, so don't take it too hard if your kids don't have the immediate reaction that you were hoping for. Talk to your kids about their feelings and explain how this new person's role will fit into the family. If one of your children is having a particularly hard time with this transition, be patient and don't force your child to accept the relationship right away. It will get easier for everyone with a bit of time. 
Dating after divorce can be a sensitive process, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while doing it. To make the whole experience more enjoyable and worth the effort, stay true to yourself and your needs. Don't rush into anything that you're not ready for yet, even if it looks good at first glance. If you have kids, acknowledge their feelings as you begin dating. Understand that they are an enormous factor in all decisions you make, but don't let what they are feeling keep you from giving dating a try. In the end, you'll come to a decision on when and who to date on your own terms, in your own time. 

    ways to make a guys to notice you

    By now you may be wondering: “how on Earth do I get his attention?” don’t worry, I have 6 ways for you to catch his eye and make him wonder why he’s never noticed you before!
    1. Firstly, you need to Fall in Love with yourself. Guys will always notice a girl who loves who she is and is proud of herself. If you appear to be happy with yourself and your life, then the guy will want to be part of it. If you look desperate to find a guy to make you feel complete, you will hardly attract any man that comes your way.
    Do not to change who you are in order to impress a guy. Find someone who likes you for you, and if he doesn’t then forget him!
    2. Pick a Close Location
    Let me be honest with you.. Admiring him from afar will not get you anywhere. 
    Despite the fact that your palms may get sweaty at the idea of sitting next to this guy during your next meeting, it’s definitely worth a try. Chances are you were sitting fairly close when you first spotted him, so moving a few seats over for a better and closer view, wont be a bad idea. 
    3. Dress to Impress him and also, Look good.
    Before he can fall in love with your incredible personality, he is going to notice your appearance. This doesn’t mean you need to spend all your day making up, but a little extra effort can do you a lot of good.
    Yes.. One more thing: Don’t keep checking your reflection in a mirror or window whenever you’re out. This will make guys think that you’re very insecure about your looks. So, save the examination for the ladies room.
    4. Make Accidental Eye Contacts.
    If you’re fortunate to see him at a party, you’re definitely lucky.  You may start by making eye contact every once in a while from across the room. If it happens more than once, give an inviting smile. this will make him know you’re approachable, and he will come over to find out who you are! 
    WARNING: Don’t look desperate for attention. If he doesn’t notice you right away, don’t force it by awkwardly tapping him or winking at him. This will only push him away.
    5. Have a relatable body language. Your body should say that you’re confident and ready to talk to the guy. Keep your head raised and don’t cross your arms over your chest. Avoid any distraction, while talking to him.  Instead, lean in to hear the guy talk, and even give him a light touch on the arm if things are going well.
    Once you’re more comfortable, you can start flirting with the guy. Tease him a little bit, and let him tease you back. To spice things up, you can talk a bit more softly than usual. This will make him lean in to hear what you have to say.
    6. Now that the guy has noticed you, you have to make sure that he wants to keep talking to you and appreciates the unique and amazing person that you really are.
    Always be yourself, Be engaging, be fun to talk to, Show what makes you special, spend quality time with him.. If everything is going well between you both, then you should go beyond getting the guy to notice you.. get him to ask you out. 
    You can mention that you want to do something fun over the weekend but don’t know what.. just don’t be too obvious about it.
    Now that the guy has noticed you, it’s up to you to keep his attention. If you’re true to yourself and stay fun and positive, he will definitely ask you out sooner than you expect.

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    Sign to know that your girlfriend sweep with someone else

    I know that many ladies will not like this thread but the truth is bitter they say. These are perfect signs that your girlfriend just tumbled beneath the sheets with someone else Note:These signs doesn’t work for Badoos 

    1. She smells of Fluid For those of us who have high sense of smell than that of a shark will attest to this. As for me, I can smell Fluid on a lady’s body even if she’s 100km away. This mostly happens when a lady fails to shower or clean up herself aftermath of the deed 

    2. She rushes to the bathroom Just when your girlfriend returns from somewhere and the first thing she does is rush to the bathroom to clean up and sleep afterwards, something suspicious is happening. 

    3. She smiles sheepishly The moment she sets her eyes on you after sleeping with someone else she will be smiling sheepishly even when situation does not warrant that smile. This may be due to guilty conscience. 4. She tries to avoid eyes contact with You Another sign that your girlfriend just tumbled beneath the sheet with another dude is that she will avoid eyes contact with you during conversation. Try just to give her a suspicious look and you would notice discomfort printed on her face.

    5. Her shirt looks Rough and Dirty The region of the left and right side of her breast pockets will be slight rough and dirty since na that region guys dey squeeze pass. Though, this may only be visible when she’s putting on a white shirt. I noticed this when my friend’s visitor came out of his room yesterday. 

    6. She would turn down your advances Just after she has made love with another person and you try to coerce her into love making, she won’t be excited to have intimacy with you. She will always look for an excuse telling you how tired she is, or she’s not in the mood. 

    7. She spends more time in the toilet Let’s assume she normally poo poo for 10 minutes but one day she returns from somewhere and goes to the toilet and spends up to one hour shocked This shows that something is wrong which might be what we are talking about. 

    8. She starts nagging unnecessarily She flares up the moment you ask what kept her so long. She will go mad telling you to stop getting her upset with you irrelevant question and that you don’t trust her to have asked such a question 

    9. Her lipstick is wiped off Another way to know that she just got laid with someone else is that her lipstick will be wiped off. Let’s assume she applied heavy lipstick before going out and on returning back her heavily applied lipstick disappears, there’s high tendency that she has locked her lips with someone else. 

    10. Her make up is freshly applied Another sign to watch out for is that her make-up is freshly applied. Her hair will be well packed, her clothes well adjusted and sprays perfume. Person wey commot in the morning dey return back in the evening and the make-up is freshly applied. This shows there’s possibility that she reapplied the make-up after the deed was done so that you won’t smell something. Written byTosyne2much

    Ways for a girl to make sex with the the guy he love

    Just because you shy in bed does not mean you cannot rock your guy's world in bed. To be a sex vixen is not rocket science. All you need to remember is that you should always play an active part in your man's pleasure too. These tips below should get your started. 

    1. He is more than his penis. Women assume men are not really into foreplay. They also wrongfully assume that all a man need is to have his dick stimulated. Well, that is untrue. A man also likes to be teased and enjoys it when a woman takes the time to explore his body. Find his erogenous zones . Males have a sensitive spot between their Adam’s apple, and chest. And even another between the Adam’s apple, and chin. Their neck. Their ears. Even their hands! Put on something sexy, set the mood lighting, and explore these areas slowly and tenderly with your hands, your lips, and your tongue. 

    2. Find what he likes:Is he a fan of lingerie? Does he find you hotter if you wear heel? Does the smell of vanilla give him an erection? You need to pinpoint what turns him on and go with her. If you do not know, then it is time you asked.

    3. Connection: Men love to connect with the partner they are in love with. They want to know they are pleasing you as their partner, not just as a woman. So, you need to build on that. Try for eye contact from time to time and let him see the lust and desire in your eyes. Whisper sweet words in his ears that lets him know you are loving his moves. 

     4. Dirty talk: This is not just for casual sex and one night stands. You can dirty talk with the man you love. No need to go overboard if you are uncomfortable. Just some encouraging words like how he turns you on, how you love it when he touches you somewhere, etc, will suffice until you are more comfortable. 

    5. Let go.Some women are usually very shy in bed. But you cannot enjoy the experience if you keep overthinking everything. Let go and focus on him. Please him and he will return the favour. 

    6. Add some passion: Grind, lick, kiss, and hold with passion. Embrace him and grab his butt as he slides into you. Put his face in places he is needed. Grip him as you let go. Show that his body turns you on extremely. 

    7. Be confident:You are beautiful. He finds you attractive, that is why he wants to make love to you. Forget those doubts and show him how much sexier you can be. Tell him what you like. Show him what you enjoy. If something is not working, do not retreat to your shell, simply change tactics. You know who you are and you know you are his, there is absolutely no way you can disappoint him as long as you always go after your pleasure as well as his. Source: 

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    How to make man look attractive to you

    Relationships are more than often a puzzle extremely difficult to solve. Women consider men an eternal puzzle, and men likewise. Every woman has to have several tricks up her sleeve when she embarks on the quest of wooing a man. Attracting men can be difficult, especially because they are all different. This is why we are here, to help you and guide your way.
    man looking up at woman begging
    If you were wondering what attracts men to women, it’s actually quite easy, and once you master it, you’ll have no trouble. Whether he’s a shy guy, the outgoing socialite or the Harvard intellectual the same rule applies for every single one, so arm yourself with what we are about to tell you, and with the new gained knowledge you’ll be living happily ever after.

    What Attracts Men the Most Is Exactly What You Have. Find out How to Attract Men with These Tricks worth Gold and Attract Men Just by Being Yourself

    Willing to do whatever it takes to make a man attracted to you? Then, you are in the right place. Here are 5 ways to effectively attract men that such as using your smile that that has never been put this simple.

    Smile wide: be positive and happy

    brunette girl with long hair smiling while brushing hair back with hand
    What guys find attractive about women is their positive spirit. This spirit manifests through your smile. Whether you have the perfect pearl white teeth or not it doesn’t matter, when you have an honest smile it radiates and attracts a man immediately.
    Men like to be around positive and happy people, because that attitude can reflect on them as well. Smile, because it automatically motivates a man to approach you. Attract men with your happy disposition, because this trick can be applied to almost every single guy out there. No man wants to approach a woman that is grumpy and sad looking. Appearing grumpy will make you unattractive no matter how good-looking you are. You don’t have to smile at everyone, but if you see a guy you like, let your smile tell him he’s welcome to approach you. He won’t miss the sign.

    Attract him with your smell

    perfume bottles and flower
    Mesmerize him with your beautiful scent
    It’s important to know what scents attract men. Every single guy has a certain preference about what kind of perfume he likes, but here is a tip for you.
    Try to stay fresh all the time, and avoid strong perfumes and smells that will irritate rather than attract them to you. Thinking about what scent attracts men we came to the conclusion those are natural scents. The smell of your skin, and freshly washed hair… Every woman has a specific scent, and that is exactly what you should point it out and use to your advantage.

    Be natural: relax and be yourself

    Guys don’t like fake women so try to remember that. What attracts men the most is a woman who doesn’t pretend to be something else, so that a guy would like her, but is herself. You don’t need to pretend you are anything you are not.
    woman with short blue hair
    That would mean that you are trying to get him to like the fake you, not the real you. If so, you can’t blame him for being confused later on, once you take the ‘mask’ off. So here is a little tip from us. Right off the bat, try to be yourself and show him what kind of person you are. It will save you both the time and hassle if you don’t like each other. It’s not just about the time, but it’s fair. We’re not suggesting you don’t take a shower for two days, and don’t do your hair, no. Keep it together, but don’t over do it. There is no need to act like a diva in front of a guy and pretend you are crazy about baseball if you’re actually not that kind of a girl. If you do, next thing you know: he’s taking you to weekly baseball games, and you’re not happy.

    Confidence: you are a strong, independent woman

    Don’t be needy, because that won’t attract guys. What attracts men are women who are confident in their own personality and looks, and aren’t craving attention and fishing for compliments.
    blonde woman in red flexing arm muscles
    If you’re asking yourself ‘Well, how do I attract men?’ all the time, that’s a sign of insecurity as well. When a woman walks and talks with confidence, men are attracted instantly. A woman that is confident knows what she is comfortable with, and will strive towards making other people feel good about themselves. She isn’t focused on making herself look amazing, while at the same time undermining her partner. She also takes the first step, if her partner is hesitant. And if you’re insecure about something, believe that a man can smell it from the distance. He can see it in your eyes, your gestures, and your voice. So lose the inhibitions and be confident in yourself and your achievements, and the way you’re going to do this is by always keeping in mind the positive and good things you have in your life.

    Humor: jokes relax even the shiest guys

    If you’re a girl that likes to joke around then you’re definitely in advantage if wondering how to attract men. And if you are serious, than just loosen up a bit, you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian for a guy to think you’re funny.
    A couple laughing.
    Once you understand this, it kind of takes the pressure of the entire ‘hunt’. Humor is a great way to attract a guy to you, and to make him be interested in you, and if you’re wondering why, it’s simply because men love to be around women who are entertaining and know how to make him laugh. We always say men are not serious enough, well: draw a conclusion from it. That means they love to joke around, so once you know this take it to your advantage, trust us, you can’t go wrong.

    All that is left is to choose

    Once you have mastered all these steps, you will know exactly what attracts men to women scientifically, although we’re not going to get too deep into science. We have tried them out for you, and these really work! So start working on your smile and confidence, relax and get ready to woo a guy with your natural charm! It’s all it takes. And no matter what you read or hear out there, you don’t have to be a successful, independent business woman to be attractive to men. Just be yourself, and let your personality shine through!

    Thursday, November 24, 2016

    3 Step on how to keep your relationship tight

    “Practice random beauty and senseless acts of love.” ~Unknown
    We can grow comfortable in our romantic relationships.
    In the first six months to a year, it’s all excitement and an adrenaline rush at the mere fantasy of skin touching, but after two years you really do have to work to keep the romance.
    Life can get a little routine and formulaic. You do certain things on certain nights of the week, together or apart. The love is still there, but the accelerated heart rate, weak-at-knees sensation, and feeling that your heart might explode with passion have noticeably decreased.
    I recently detected this happening in my own relationship, but I’ve decided to treat it as a milestone—a positive marker for the point at which we genuinely started to work to make our relationship work.
    The moment our relationship developed from a clueless hormone-loaded teenager to a fully grown, responsible adult.
    Scientifically speaking, it is supposed to be physically impossible to maintain that first intensity of feeling that is experienced at the beginning of the relationship, and I do agree that it’s not sustainable permanently.
    If we spent our whole lives in that state we would probably find we got very little else done, and almost certainly couldn’t survive for the period of a lifetime before we died from an adrenaline overdose.
    However, there is a difference between a relationship maturing with two individuals growing comfortable with each other, and no longer making the effort to do things that make your partner’s fingers tingle and heart swell.
    Here are a few simple ways to keep that flash of young love in your relationship:

    1. Don't stop listening.

    There is a point at the start of a relationship where you hang on to every word they say. You just can’t get enough. You’re desperate to understand their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on even the most mundane things.
    Each bit of extra information unravels more of this new person that you are treating like a gift to yourself, giddy with the prospect of more to love and lust after.
    I’m not suggesting that you artificially re-enact this experience if you don’t feel like it all the time, but create time for listening.
    Make your partner aware of the times that you need to be by yourself or in your own head so that they know when it’s a good time to have that long discussion and get your opinion. Create time to listen to them properly so that you can be attentive and present.
    If you need thirty minutes after work to yourself, that’s fine. Maybe your listening time is over dinner, or while you’re doing the dishes, or before you go to bed.
    Whatever it is, don’t stop listening. Listening is one of the ways that we show others that we value them and that they are attractive and interesting to us. If we don’t do this, it might send conflicting messages.

    2. A little surprise goes a long way.

    One of the first things to go in long-term relationships is the element of surprise. You get into a routine, and you no longer arbitrarily decide to take her away for a weekend or buy him a gift just because you felt like it.
    Perhaps you do still buy ‘gifts,’ but it’s an extra pair of socks when you were at the supermarket because you noticed all his socks have holes rather than the cute or hilarious trinkets you used to buy at the start of your relationship.
    The bouquets of flowers and turning up at lunch breaks with a picnic basket are gone, and you are less willing to make a fool of yourself to make the other person laugh or smile.
    Put yourself in your partner’s shoes for a few minutes once a month and ask yourself what would be a lovely surprise for them. It doesn’t have to be anything huge—just something considerate that would be appreciated.
    Although it sounds like an oxymoron, planning more surprises can initiate those weak-at-the-knees passionate feelings that you felt in the earlier stage of your relationship.
    Plan the surprises that were more spontaneous before and you may re-experience that love rush. You might even develop your ability to be spontaneously romantic again.

    3Do things that don't matter to you but matter to them.

    At the beginning of a relationship it can seem easy enough to do the dishes straight away after a meal if it buys you brownie points and more affection. But it’s harder when you’re comfortable in the relationship, don’t really feel like it, and can’t understand what all the fuss is about.
    Maybe the phobia or habit that was cute and quirky a year ago now seems annoying and irritating when you always have to get rid of the spider/take the trash out. Perhaps you don’t understand why your partner needs some downtime by themselves and wish they were more like you in wanting to share thoughts and feelings as soon as they get home.
    If it’s something that doesn’t make sense to you but is important to them and would only take a little bit of time, do it. In a mature relationship, passion can be shown by genuinely understanding and responding to your partner’s needs.
    Not responding to these can send the message that you aren’t interested in what’s important to them, and it indirectly suggests you aren’t interested in them.
    I have found these points really helpful in my relationship, so I hope they are to you. Having brought up the subject and talked about it with my partner, we are both now trying to surprise each other, listen more, and find ways to be romantic and affection toward each other.
    There are many more ways you can re-light the spark in your relationship. I’m still finding more. Look at it as a lifelong adventure!
    The most important thing is to give it time in your own head and to prioritize your relationship so that you keep working on it regularly, like you would with any priority in your work life. Then hopefully you can be grow old together but still maintain that flicker of passion in your hearts.

    Relevant things old woman normally do in a relationship

    Relationships can come with their own unique struggles, but there are some things that are universally mature and accepted for a happier relationship.
    Check out 10 things mature women do in relationships.

    1. They don't sacrifice other relationship.

    Many people drift apart from their friends during a relationship. While this is understandable during the initial ‘honeymoon’ period, it is important to remember that that your friends and family have been in your life for far longer than your partner. Mature women make sure they have a happy balance between all of their loved ones.

    2. They don't forget to always thank their partner.

    After you have been in a relationship for a while, it can be easy to forget to appreciate all of the little things that they do for you. Mature women realize that sharing your life with someone is a gift – so don’t forget to say please and thank you!

    3. They don't give up financial independent

    No matter how well off your partner is, completely giving up your financial independence can actually mean giving up your independence. Mature women don’t have to ask their partner for everything – it makes them feel proud and happy to be able to buy things with their own money.

    4. They Don’t Focus On Their Partner’s Bad Traits

    Mature women try to focus on their partner’s best traits rather than the negative ones. They focus on the good things their partner does and says, and they try not to judge their partner for their flaws, instead understanding that they too have flaws.

    5. They Don’t Give Up Their Dreams

    Mature women understand that a great relationship doesn’t drag you down – instead, it should bring out the best in you. A good relationship encourages you to pursue your dreams, and a mature woman would struggle to be happy in a relationship if she stopped following her dreams.

    6. They Don’t Think Their Version Of Happiness Is The Only One

    Mature women understand that everyone’s idea of happiness is different. If their partner enjoys space, they give it to them, and if they enjoy affection, they give them that instead. Most importantly, they do not make assumptions about how to make their partner happy.

    7. They Don’t Give Up Their Self Respect

    It is normal to change slightly during a relationship, but mature women don’t allow their relationships to take away their self-respect. They don’t allow their partners to speak to them negatively or condescendingly – they expect their partner to treat them just as well as everyone else in their life.

    8. They Don’t Take “I Love You” Lightly

    Mature women understand the importance of those three words, so they work hard to keep the words special, no matter how long they have been with their partner. They don’t say ‘I love you’ at the end of every conversation – instead they say it at the right moments, to show their partner how much they appreciate them.

    9. They Don’t Give Up Their Happiness

    Mature women understand the importance of their happiness, and that if they are not happy in a relationship, they shouldn’t be in one. They are aware that their partner is a part of their happiness, and should be someone who can bring them happiness when they are feeling sad.

    10. They Don’t Feel Like They Need To Always Be In Contact With Their Partner

    Mature women do not need constant contact in their relationships, as they have their own busy lives. They are secure enough to trust their partner when they are not with them, and find non-stop emailing and texting to be a waste of their own time.

    Food that will your sex life

    marked as healthy and others not good for optimal health. When it comes to bedroom affairs, there are some foods that are known to provide energy and positive flow of blood in the body.
    You must have read or seen some food, but according to research, here are some food that will help you be better in bed. They’ve been proven to be accurate, reports Nick Dimengo for FHM
    1. Dark Chocolate
    This has always been rumored to be good for S#X, this has been safely backed by science to be completely true. What dark chocolate does is to stimulate the arousing senses because it contains amino acid which is a natural S#X enhancer. It will help with the blood flow to the S#Xual organs for better sensation.
    1. Honey
    Honey helps improve S#Xual potency especially the one extracted from the aphrodisiac flowers such as orchid and jasmine. It can also help with low libido, it is advised for men to drip some on their food, not only will it make the food tastier but also make you better in bed. It contains boron which helps with testosterone levels, provides the sugar your body needs for high performance.
    1. Veggies
    We’ve always been told that veggies are good for overall health, it is also good for men because it is rich in folate and vitamin B6, these guys are known for boosting arousal and org@.$m.
    1. Avocado
    Similar to Veggies, it is rich in vitamin B6 and folate. It is guaranteed to plenty of S#Xual energy. Consuming avocado before S#X will give your energy and great S#X drive.
    So, it’s now official. Oysters indeed increase your S#X drive. They’re loaded with zinc, which is known to produce testosterone which can help with your S#Xual function and libido as well.
    1. Meat
    I know you love meat and if you don’t, here is a reason why you should be chowing it down. Meat has a lot of protein which will elevate your dopamine levels, this will make you stronger and also has zinc which is crucial for testosterone production in the body.
    1. Pumpkin Seed
    These seeds have a lot of libido-boosting vitamins that your S#X drive will very much appreciate. It also has lots of zinc that is good for testosterone production.
    1. Strawberry
    Here is another reason why you should enjoy eating strawberries. It’s known to boost S#X drive, it also has a lot of antioxidants that help with blood circulation to your S#Xual organs. It will help put you in the mood.